We’re seeing an assortment of bills being pushed throughout the world, including Muslim countries that are aiming to provide rights to LGBTQ+ individuals. These are official Government-led strategic efforts to label the countries doing so as so-called “modern”. 

But before you judge or decide that we’re against their modern narrative, let’s get deeper into the conversation.

There is a sharp contrast between accepting and giving rights to LGBTQ individuals (OR transgenders) versus the deprived of rights intersex community (who are naturally born with a combination of male and female biological traits). LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and Queer. 

If you go through the Transgender bill 2018, you will understand how easy it has become for anyone to feel a man one day and a woman the next day. 

So far, more than 25000 people have changed their national identities to describe their gender as what they perceive or feel it is rather than what they were born with. 

Let’s put rights aside for a second and think of the consequences. 

You’re going shopping at a mall, and you want to use the restroom or a female prayer area. You may want to perform ablution, for which you have to take your hijab off, and you did. All of a sudden, you see a man entering the area. 

What will be your response? Can you imagine the panic? Will your mothers, sisters, daughters and even sons be safe? 

You never know. That is why supporting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community is equivalent to welcoming the panic you don’t even have the capacity to manage. And remember, this is just the first step. The perpetrators are pushing it forward and funding it aggressively at all scales. 

Whether it’s mainstream media, print or any social media platform, you will see how they are manipulating it is readers in the name of providing the rights of the intersex community. And this is not what we are saying. This is what the intersex community is complaining about. 

It definitely is your call, but before you decide, make sure you are well aware of what you are supporting. Because what you will support today will lay the foundation for generations to come. Our next blog will specifically focus on how Disney is promoting this agenda through its cartoon characters, so that our upcoming generation can treat the LGBTQ agenda as something as acceptable as accepting people of another religion. 

Therefore it’s NOT okay to be okay with what’s not okay right from the beginning. 

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