It is not intersex. It is way beyond what is natural.

We are not here to discriminate. We are here to educate. With the recently passed Transgender Bill in Pakistan, we have to date seen more than 30,000 people changing their gender identity on their National Identity Cards.

This gives males (identifying themselves as females not biologically but because they wanted to) the right to enter female washrooms and females (identifying themselves as males not biologically but because they wanted to) to enter male restrooms.

It poses a major security threat to our society as there is no check and balance.

An international movement has been initiated, which is now pushing the acceptance of LGBTQ+ (Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queer and more) in every part of the world, including Pakistan. Moreover, as a part of an ongoing trend, many media outlets are priming and promoting the movement for wider acceptability by including more LGBT characters and stories in films and television shows aimed at children, adolescents and teens.

Their sole aim is to make the LGBTQ+ community more ‘ACCEPTABLE’.

COUNTER POINT is on a mission to educate society on the consequences this movement may have on us today and on the generations to come. With the right knowledge, you will be able to confront the situation ntelligently rather aggressively and save yourself and your family members from the prevalent fitnah.

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