If you’ve been thinking vaping is no drug, then, unfortunately, you are wrong.

Substance abuse comes in various forms, light, moderate and extreme. Vaping is no different from sniffing other forms of drugs.

Let’s begin with the basics, any form of addiction is harmful. People with addiction use substances or engage in behaviours that are compulsive and often have harmful consequences. 

Anyone who is addicted to anything can have a major problem in processing what is right and what is wrong. Addiction is a chronic medical disease that involves complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and an individual’s life experiences.

And it all starts with the first puff, sniff OR even hanging out in bad company.

You will never know where it all started,  but you SHOULD know what to do if it has. Because sooner or later, the impacted person will bring home trouble to others. 

COUNTER POINT helps parents, adults and teens identify such addictions and share what consequences they can have on one’s health and societal affairs in the long run. We will serve as a platform where addicted people can communicate, where parents can make their child feel more comfortable discussing problems and asking questions, and where you can see

from a lens that is more understanding rather than bashing in your child’s life. 

It all starts with getting to know what is wrong. Understanding and accepting that it is wrong. 

Communicating it with your child.  Getting to know their friends and other children he or she is socializing with for extended support. 

Handling addiction is a two-way sword. You can either try the hard way OR the right way!

At COUNTER POINT, we also aim to provide help to people in need to seek medical and psychological help in order to get back on track and live a healthy addiction-free life. 

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