COUNTER POINT is a project of Al Wasila Trust.  Al Wasila Trust works rigorously to alleviate poverty  throughout the country with sincere intentions. Many relief programs are running under the umbrella of Al Wasila, which include the provision of housing, enabling people to earn a livelihood, garbage collection and provision of drinking water. 

COUNTER POINT is determined to address complex social issues that make or break a society. The issues that matter the most today and in the long run, as they continue to impact not only the lives of the people directly involved but also have a trickle-down impact on the society as whole. These issues include the prevalence and dominance of  LGBTQ, Substance Abuse, Atheism and Domestic Violence in our society for now. 

The motive is to understand…

  • What causes these issues?
  • How to protect ourselves from this fitnah?
  • How these morally problematic issues are progressively being pushed to be a part of our society as the ‘New Normal’?
  • How can we take preventive measures? and 
  • How can you seek help if you have been directly involved in any of them?

The motive is to be able to help you protect yourself and your family from these issues intelligently and not aggressively.
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    Al Wasila Trust is led by Ustadh Asim Ismail Jaffarani,  a well-known educationist, a dedicated philanthropist and a devoted Muslim. He is a prolific social entrepreneur and a widely-sought trainer and consultant in education and Islamic studies. 

    He is also the founder of many Islamic Educational Institutions that are balancing deen and modern curricula, including Skylight Education Solutions and Al-Kawthar University.

    Ustadh Asim Ismail Jaffarani