Disney is losing billions by being boycotted by countries around the world for its openness about gay characters in its productions. But no matter what the world does, it continues to promote what it thinks is right. 

Sadly, some Muslim parents view cartoons as simple, kid-friendly animations. They assume it’s simply cartoons when they see some animated people moving and dancing against an animated backdrop. 

How may a cartoon deter my child from following the right path? Why would a cartoon cause my child to dislike Islam? So parents let their kids watch anything and everything unsupervised for countless hours of such stuff.

The issue is that these cartoons and animations are made with the intention of having a profound, long-lasting psychological impact on kids. They consist of cues and indications intended to evoke particular desired perceptions. Readers might be accustomed to the persistent cliché of demonic iconography in contemporary culture.

Well, should we care? Whether we are Muslims or not, letting our children see this type of content will have a long-term psychological impact. Listen to what Mona Hussain has to say about it in this video. How a paedophile played with the psychology of 2 twin brothers and ruined their lives. 

No wonder why LGBTQ people are susceptible to suicidal attempts. It’s not because they are not getting rights. It is because they find themselves not fitting into the binary genders, male and female. They just don’t feel fit in, not because they are being harassed but because they are psychologically ill and they need help. 

But productions like Disney want to spread this illness among our generations by producing evil content that promotes becoming a gay or lesbian. 

A series of animated videos have been released this year to make sure the inclusiveness of the LGBTQ community is not compromised. In fact, the whole plot revolves around how good it is to be gay or lesbian. Disnethe vivified ‘Lightyear’ prohibited in more than 13 Muslim countries over lesbian kiss. According to Disney, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates were among the nations that forbade the film’s screening. The UAE, which is home to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, declared earlier this week that it would not let the movie to be shown.

Moreover, The top religious authority in Sunni Islam, Al-Azhar, has issued a warning against encouraging homosexuality in kid-friendly entertainment. The warning came as the Walt Disney Company faced escalating criticism over its intentions to include more LGBT characters in its works.

The Al-Azhar Fatwa Global Center described homosexuality as “obscene” and “reprehensible” in a statement on June 9. Through entertainment media, a “systematic evil attempt to mainstream the abominable crime of homosexuality in Muslim communities” was stated.

According to the sources, the plan is to demolish the family institution’s system of moral and social values, alter the identity of its members, and interfere with the security and stability of communities. Under the guise of tolerance, there are attempts to impose a gay culture on the Islamic world.

It is, therefore, important for us to protect our children from this fitnah. It’s time we talk about it and explain it to them. Because if we will not, they will. And they will definitely teach your children something your religion prohibits, aka homosexuality. 

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